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Archive Digitisation | Hein IT

Archive Digitisation

Institution, associations and private persons have often documentation present in their archives in form of analogue sound media. These are often registered on a simple level so there is no real overview of a collection. There are no devices for listening to the media and no one with a practical knowledge to get into the content. In a digital form the content is easier to keep secure and much easier to use.

Hein Information Tools can digitise almost any analogue sound format. It can be open reel tapes, direct cut acetate records, sound cassettes and all other analogue media. The result will be presented in a digital format according to the standards set up by IASA the international association of sound archives. We can do small tasks and tasks of larger quantities and advice customers on registration, on storing and dissemination of digital files. Instead of having something unknown stowed away in forgotten piles there will be a collection of sound that can be overviewed and used for the benefit of the purpose.

More in the brochure, unfortunately in Danish only, but you are welcome to contact us and be advised on the issues you may have.

Price list is in Danish currency. For foreign clients prices are calculated individually.